Program at a Glance

Scientifiic Organizers: Nathalie G. Bérubé, Mellissa RW Mann, David I Rodenhiser
Thomas A. Drysdale, Christopher L. Pin, Victor Han

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Sessions and Speakers

Tuesday, June 24th


SESSION 1: Chromatin Mechanisms
Chair: Chris Brandl (London, Canada)

1. Jerry Workman (Kansas City, USA) - "Histone modification and exchange during sense and antisense transcription"
2. Kristen Baetz (Ottawa) - "The assembly of stress granules upon glucose deprivation is dependent on the Lysine Acetyltransferase NUA4 in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae"
3. Luis Schang (Edmonton) - "Histone dynamics in herpesvirus infected cells"
4. Jean-Philippe Lambert (Toronto) - "Betting on the therapeutic modulation of the epigenome - A systematic proteomic study of the acetylome components" 

SESSION 2: Stem Cell Epigenomics
Chair: Matt Lorincz (Vancouver)

1. Plenary Speaker: Hiroyuki Sasaki (Fukuoka, Japan) - "Dynamic changes in DNA methylation and gene expression in spermatogonial stem cell differentiation in neonatal mouse testis"
2. Andras Nagy (Toronto) - "The routes of reprogramming to alternative states of pluripotency"
3. Guy Sauvageau (Montréal) - "Multifunctional Role of Polycomb Group Genes in the Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Activity"


Wednesday, June 25th

SESSION 3: Imprinting/Dosage Compensation
Chair: Michael Higgins (Buffalo)

1. Piroska Szabo (City of Hope, USA) - "Genomic imprinting and chromatin"
2. Carolyn Brown (Vancouver) - "XIST: Long non-coding RNA as CIS-acting silencer"
3. Mellissa Mann (London, Canada) - "Developmental Regulation of the Kcnq1ot1 Imprinted Domain"
4. Serge McGraw (Montréal) - "Transient DNMT1 suppression reveals hidden heritable marks in the genome"

SESSION 4: New Investigators
Chair: Nathalie Bérubé (London, Canada)

1. Julie Lessard (Montréal) - "An exchange of alternative ATPases within BAF complexes accompanies the transition from hemopoietic stem cell quiescence to proliferation"
2. Michael Wilson (Toronto) - "Genome biology of type II topoisomerases"
3. Jamie Kramer (London, Canada) - "Epigenetics in intellectual disability: What is a chromatinopathy?"

SESSION 5: Nuclear Dynamics
Chair: Josée Dostie (Montreal)

1. Ana Pombo (London, UK) - "Higher-order organisation of chromatin folding in post-mitotic neurons"
2. Richard Wozniak (Edmonton) - "Nuclear pore complexes as regulators of chromatin structure"
3. David Bazett-Jones (Toronto) - "Good fences and neighbours in the nucleus"
4. Roxanne Oshidari (Guelph) - "Epigenetic inheritance in S. Cerevisiae: Interaction between CAF-I, PCNA and RRM3"


Thursday, June 26th

SESSION 6: Cancer Epigenetics
Chair: Fred Dick (London, Canada)

1. Johnathan Whetstine (Charlestown, USA) - "Chromatin modulators provide a new insight into cancer genomes"
2. Jim Davie (Manitoba) - "Nucleosomal response pathway and gene programming"
3. Mathieu Lupien (Toronto) - "The cancer social genome: Finding the connectors"
4. Charles Ishak (London, Canada) - "Alternate pRB-E2F1 complexes silence repetitive elements"

SESSION 7: Epigenetic Processes in Development
Chair: Christopher Pin  (London, Canada)

1. Matthew Lorincz (Vancouver) - "Setdb1 is required for persistence of a trivalent chromatin state and repression of endogenous retroviruses in mouse primordial germ cells"
2. Martin Hirst (Vancouver) - "Epigenetic and Transcriptional Determinants of Mammary Gland Development"
3. Karim Mekhail (Toronto) - "Suppressing destructive unions: Genetic and environmental factors controlling RNA-DNA hybrids"
4. Ryan Mohan (Kansas City) - "Loss of Drosophila Ataxin-7, a SAGA subunit, reduces H2B ubiquitination and leads to neural and retinal degeneration"

SESSION 8: Epigenetic States
Chair: Alain Verreault (Montréal)

1. Peter Scacheri (Ohio)  - "Dynamic changes in epigenetic states during metastasis"
2. Adam Rudner (Ottawa) - "Competition between heterochromatic loci and the abundance Sir4 regulate de novo assembly of silent chromatin in budding yeast"
3. Peter Cheung (Toronto) - "Transcriptional regulation by histone variant H2A.Z"
4. Keyur Adhvaryu (Oregon) - "Strength in simplicity: Neurospora Crassa, a model system for DNA methylation, heterochromatin formation and function"



Friday, June 27th

SESSION 9: Epigenetics and Disease
Chair: Rosanna Weksberg (Toronto)

1. Esteban Ballestar (Barcelona, Spain) - "Interplay between transcription factors and DNA methylation changes in myeloid differentiation"
2. Philip Marsden (Toronto) - "Control of endothelial gene expression: An emerging role for epigenetic processes"
3. Gustavo Turecki (Montréal) - "Epigenetic regulation of aggressive behavioral traits and risk of suicide"
4. Sanaa Choufani (Toronto) - "A specific DNA methylation (DNAm) signature associated with NSD1+/- mutations in Sotos Syndrome"

SESSION 10: New Technologies
Chair: Mellissa Mann (London, Canada)

1. Thomas Cremer (Munich, Germany) - "Nuclear architecture studied by structured illumination microscopy"
2. Musa Mhlanga (Pretoria, South Africa) - "Gene regulation via gene looping & noncoding RNA"
3. Claude Robert (Québec) - "Blastocyst response to stress from a transcriptomic and DNA methylome perspective"
4. Tarang Khare (Toronto) - "Improved padlock probe-based bisulfite mapping of modified cytosines"